Childhood’s End

I am revisiting my high school poetry notebooks and posting a few of the better pieces. This was written circa 1982.

I sat one day

In a secluded place

And watched the children

On my street.

They ran and kicked a ball.

Laughed and yelled.

Part of me wanted so much

To run out and join them.

But part of me wouldn’t allow it.

I watched.

After a while they left

Leaving the littlest behind.

Crying in the pain of being ignored.

Of being left alone with the ball.

I felt pain too.

The pain of something lost.

Like being uninhibited.

The loss of freedom

Or childhood.

I felt her tears.

Then she got up.

Tears forgotten.

I felt the loss again

Of easy forgiveness.

Of simple pleasure.

Never to return.

Then she went in. . .

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