Insomnia November 3, 2016

I have become a little obsessed lately with Spoken Word Poetry.  I conceptualized this as a spoken word piece after yet another night with periods of unblinking wakefulness.


My brain is a busy place

Ping-ponging from one idea to another

Sometimes holding so many thoughts

That I am surprised that my neck

Can support the weight of

My overstuffed head


Shallow thoughts

Deep thoughts

Inappropriate pop-up thoughts

That I am embarrassed

To claim as my own

Profound revelations

“Look a squirrel”

Can all be occurring

Almost simultaneously


It can be hard to sort through the noise


Insomnia has been a frequent companion

Throughout my life

I, lying awake

Staring at the ceiling

My unquiet brain

Leaving me to ruminate in

The long dark hours


Sometimes I am able to wrestle

My unruly thought processes

Into complex story lines

Losing myself in imagined

Dialogues, interactions

Between characters

Setting each scene carefully

Fine-tuning the details

With the keen eye

Of a Hollywood director


Sometimes, however

Despite my best efforts

My thoughts trample

Through my sleepless brain

Like a herd of gazelles

In a panic after

Sensing a predator

Lurking on the periphery

Waiting to attack

The most vulnerable


A magnificent, deadly


Stalking through my restless psyche

Wound-up, nerves jangling

Nostrils flaring, tasting the air

Not ready to give up the hunt

And drift back into a cat nap

And blissful oblivion





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