Help Wanted: Male Perspective

I am currently working on a short piece of fiction that I would like to partner with a male writer on.  On the surface, it is a piece about a potential first sexual encounter between a college-aged woman and college-aged man who are interested in more than a one-night stand with each other.  Who could, with time, possibly fall in love.  The heart of the piece is really how about this young woman with a history of date rape discloses such a history and how this colors this encounter– an all too common experience– and how a nice, but not perfect, young man might internally process such a disclosure and then navigate these tricky waters.  I have a fairly good handle on the thought processes and emotions a woman who has this history brings with her but don’t feel that I have the insight into what might going on internally for the young man in this situation or how he might respond.  I am thinking that alternating first-person perspectives on the same encounter or perhaps parallel stories could make a very rich, emotionally resonate and interesting piece.  If you are willing and interested in partnering, please let me know.   I have some broad ideas and some writing done but am interested enough in the idea of the collaboration itself to be flexible.


I would also consider writing a similar piece about an encounter between two women but feel that I don’t have enough expertise or insight to approach this from the perspective of two men negotiating such waters together.

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