The Gift of Words November 16, 2016

The gift of your words

Continues to reverberate

Through me

Long after they are read


Words that stir up

Cherished memories

Long forgotten in

My brain’s dusty nooks


Words that incite me

To take up arms

And remind me

I am a warrior woman

Capable and strong


Words that whisper

That I am human

With great depth of feeling

And that vulnerability

Alone cannot kill me


Words that connect me

To others who share

My dreams, my hopes

My fears

That declare “You are not alone”


Words that affirm for me

That I am seen


Made solid and real


Words that comfort and sooth

My soul’s harsh edges at

The end of a long

Hard day


Words that so perfectly capture

My internal landscape

That I could have written them

I am filled with the knowledge

That unique does not mean alone


Thank you sincerely

For this gift of your words

This outpouring of letters

And syllables


Has moved me

You have unknowingly

Gifted me

A stranger

With the world




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