White Flag November 2016

Your mouth is so close to my cheek

That I can feel the warmth of your breath

Smell the coffee you had at 4 o’clock

Late in the day for

Caffeine I thought at the time


We have been circling around each other

For days, for weeks

Darting closer

Withdrawing back

Unable to read each other’s signals


The uncertainty

Makes me feel crazy

Unable to decide

If I should pull you in

Or shove you out


In my mind

We look like the two dancers

We saw on stage in Boston

Last summer

Lithe and trembling


Your scent is in my nose

And if you linger there

Any longer, motionless

I may bite

And draw blood


It is exquisite


This push-pull between us

This liquid energy

This static electricity


The silver cord

Connecting us

At time elastic

At times steel

Keeping us in each other’s orbit


I feel like I might

Die if you touch


And I will certainly die

If you do not


I am no longer sure

If we are negotiating


Or a truce

Or surrender



Categories: Erotica, Poetry

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