The Name They Call Her


Always said with venom

Always intended to punish

“How dare you?!” it asked her

Insinuating that she was uppity

Presumptuous, a ball breaker

To draw a circle around her body

And declare loudly “Mine!”

Was she 12 the first time

That she had been called “BITCH”?

Or was it 16?

When she tired of the boys and men

Acting like her body was theirs

To look at

Comment on

Hold down




Tired of the adult women

Telling her to be





A good sport

She was NOT a good sport

The rage became a

Knife, sharp and deadly

That she learned to yield

Much too often

On her own flesh


  1. A restless mind and many unanswered questions, many unresolved conflicts, an unjust society that limits the role of women and seeks to control their behavior…but still there are those brave and daring souls who question the established values and fight for their freedom, respect for their individuality and that of others of the same gender… so well written… I’m glad these wrong things happening in our society are denounced here with courage and boldness, the way you do.

    Liked by 1 person

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