Moment of Truth

Photo Credit: Peter Szto, PhD

Suggested Playlist: Matthew Mayfield Desire (see link below)

I am standing before you

More physically naked

And stripped down

Then I think I have ever been before

Suddenly vulnerable, unsure

I am struck

By how little time

We have actually spent

On the same continent

Let alone in the same room

I have always thought

About the expression

“Falling in love”

To mean a gentle

Drop backwards

Alice gracefully floating

Back into the rabbit hole

But this falling

Feels like mad, uncontrolled

Cartwheeling in space

A free-falling tumble

Where I no longer

Know up from down

And I am breathless

Worried about the crash

That might leave

My body and my heart

Broken, bleeding on

Sharp rocks or

Hanging from a tree branch

My heart is

Pounding wildly

When we free you from

The last of your clothes

There is no armor

Left between us

We are stripped bare

We are trembling

Equal parts desire

And terror

You step closer to me

And touch my face

Tenderly, reverently

Your other hand

Covers my heart

And you look at me

So trustingly

With those eyes whose

Color I don’t even have

Language for yet

And I realize

That you are the

Eye of the hurricane

The calm in the center

Of the storm

You are the badass here

The brave one

Steel wrapped in silk

Capable of holding

Us steady

During this crazy ride

I have remembered

Who you are

You are the woman

Who held me upright

When I was so sick

I could barely stand

You are the woman

A stranger at the time

Who read to me

From Harry Potter

When  I couldn’t sleep

You are the woman

Who spent hours

On a cold, city rooftop

Lit by twinkle lights

Listening to my deepest hopes

And secret fears

And wildest dreams

Who only wanted to see

Who I was inside

And suddenly

This remembering is grounding

And I am less afraid

With your hands gentle

Against my cheek and heart

With your extraordinary eyes

Gazing into my eyes

Your soft skin

So close but not

Quite touching mine

And just as suddenly

All I want to do

Is bridge the distance

Between our bodies

And continue falling into you

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