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Treat yourself with compassion

Was the assignment given

The once upon a time

Part was simple

Flowed easily

“She was born in Corona, California

on Tuesday, March 1st. . . “

The self-compassion piece

Is where she tripped

Stuttered to a stop

Felt lost, unsure

Lost her footing, slid in the gravel

Her self-insights were always on-target

Brilliant at times

She knew herself well

Compassion for herself

Was an emotion she never felt

That she could afford

It somehow

Had always felt important

To punch herself harder

Than the world ever could

That in some twisted way

Living through this self-abuse

Could become it’s own insulation

A form of armor

A test that she was tough enough

Fierce enough to survive

Screaming while standing from the back bed

Of a red 1953 pick-up  truck

Driving 90 miles an hour

On a twisty, country road

“I dare you to top that one life!”

A giant game of chicken, dare

Always able to cut herself a little deeper

A little bloodier

Than life could

Self-harm is not always carved on the skin

The DNA of a mentally ill

Drug addicted father

And a distant, withdrawn mother

Who had had to choose between her daughter and her husband

Made up her Genetic inheritance

Made up

Her emotional baggage

She always had this nagging feeling

That her mother regretted her decision

To choose her daughter

Her whole life was spent

Trying not to be the monster

She was worried that

She was destined to become

Could she muster compassion

For the beast within?

The one with three heads

Jagged teeth

Razor sharp scales

Nine inch talons

Breathed fire

And burned villages to the ground. . .?


16 thoughts on “Fairytale

      1. Hell, this was just my reaction to having the assignment suggested! It will be interesting to see what happened when I actually start the assignment. I have lived several interesting lifetimes and the observation has been made in the past that I can be a little clinical and detached when talking about my childhood. I think the words “weather forecaster” were used! But I’m sure that you are nothing like that!

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      2. You’d be surprised. I have maybe 20 or so memories of my childhood before 12. I am noticing you and I have similar stuff. If you don’t mind my saying. It’s uncanny

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  1. Believe me– I have noticed the similarities! The universe speaks in strange and mysterious ways. Maybe we are supposed to slay dragons together or start a revolution. Or maybe just help each other stay on the rails. I do feel sometimes like I am telling you the good advice I never to listen to when I give it to myself!


    1. Okay, that is a really weird coincidence! I was born in 1966. What is even weirder is that in college I ended up sitting next to another student who was also born on Tuesday, March 1, 1966 in the same town in southern California. Turns out we were born 12 hours apart in two different hospitals but were delivered by the same doctor because her mother’s doctor was out of town that day!

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  2. *Shaking my head* I met another author on FB who is also a March 1st baby! For YEARS I had no friends or family with a birthday near mine. Not even my husband or three children. And now I’ve run into two people with the same birthday. I have no words! LOL!

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