Beautiful words from OldePunk.

RamJet Poetry


there is a taste

light touch

a shiver

your lips aquiver

a line to deliver

The window’s glass

returning the lights

an image caught tight

throwing back spite

then there is a touch

faint taste

the hair cascading

anger begins fading

passion colors shading

emotions collide

untamed calligraphy

a woman, unfurled

feather-touched fires hurled

burning away the last of the world

there is a taste

feverish touch

a shiver

lips quiver

your love to deliver

forgotten words

and boundaries upset

in the throes of making

shivering and aching

all is there

for the taking

we fall

back onto the shelves

there is no debate

a clean slate

a realization…’s never to late

for there was a


a touch

a shiver

a flowing river

a love to deliver us

so, come hither

and touch

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