My hands clasps yours

Our warm palms pressed together

Fingers entwined


My eyes say

I dare you

You call my bluff


Pressing me back

Into the wall with your body

Holding me in your thrall


Your mouth

Hovers above mine

I inhale your sweet breath


You enjoy teasing

Me like this, staying

Just out of my mouth’s reach


Just when I think

The tension, the waiting

Has become too much


You lean into me suddenly

With your beautiful

Beautiful mouth


Full lips slightly open

All teasing tongue

And nibbling teeth


And show me

What it truly means

To be kissed


      1. Oh shoot, you know, I’m just responding to the beauty of life as it fast escapes us *sheepishly stares at feet with hands clasped behind back, hoping to conceal his blustered visage* *feels cheesy for being so cheesy but proceeds to post comment nonetheless* *still lost in internal dialog, trying to return to subject at hand* —the struggle is real lol

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