My reflection and I

Do not behave

The way

Mirror images should

We do not face each other

One of us safely


In a liquid metal pool


We are shoulder to shoulder

In an empty room

We do not touch

Gazing in opposite


Studiously avoiding

Eye Contact

Neither of us ready to face

Our own

Or each other’s

Emotional and physical nakedness



To witness

The raw vulnerability

Not ready

To acknowledge

That our hearts

Are secretly needful things

We are islands

Floating in our own space

We look at the bare, white walls

Of this stark prison

Of our own making

Not able

To see each other

To recognize each other

Unable to

Offer solace

Offer comfort

In these long aching nights

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  1. This is so perfectly expressed, it brought a tear to my eye. These feelings are ones i know well. I appreciate your clarity of thought and heartfelt honesty of expression. I’ve always got a hug waiting for you. You might have to pry me off of Jasper first, though.

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