Dangerous Woman

The beat of Dark Times (see below) seriously gets under my skin and played the muse

I am the woman

That your mother

Should have

Warned you about

Darkness wrapped with light

Complete and total on my own

Willing to share myself

With you

Only when it suits me


I will meet your gaze


Bold, knowing

But you will sense

The faraway look

In my eyes

Where constellations dance

And oceans swell


I will dance alone

In the moonlight

Music thrumming in my veins

Eyes closed

Arms moving sinuously

My hips asway

Lost in the beat

You may join me if you wish

But I will lead


I am a deep, rich

Red wine

Taste of blackberry

And plum

On my lips

Leaving you wanting

More, always more

You will not soon

Forget my kiss


Or the touch of my hand

Lazily caressing your skin

My agile fingers

Entwined in your hair

Drawing you closer

My lips at your throat

Your body will whisper

Its secrets to me


I will be the taste that

Your mouth continues to crave

The smell of cinnamon

And musk and cloves

That lingers on your sheets

The ghost of a touch

Down your spine

The memory that makes

You bite your lip

Long after I go


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