In the Silence

There is a fullness

An eloquence

To the space between your words

I am a woman who listens

Attentively to the silence

Who understands intuitively

That certain essential truth

Lies poignantly

Not in the busyness

Of what is articulated

But in the still quiet

Of the words unsaid


There is meaning

To your pauses

There is communication

Radiating in your eyes

I try to respect your silence

And speak to you

In this mother tongue

In the gentle, tentative

Touch of my hand

On your face


In the way I close my eyes

When you caress mine

I speak this silence to you

With the breath of my lips

Against yours

It whispers in the beat

Of my heart

Barely audible

As our souls

Brush by each other

Let us dwell

In this quiet, sacred space


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