Introducing: Poets Speak

Thank you so much Rob of JustRuminating for highlighting my spoken word poetry on his new page Poets Speak! It is a true honor and I am looking to listening to work from other great writers.


poets speak spoken word poetry on justruminating men's blog

Well dear readers leave it to another one of our fabulous poets to give me an idea.  She posted one of her poetry readings from soundcloud, and I was hooked!

So, I’ve decided I need more!  So I created a new page called Poets Speak.  It will be dedicated to poets performing their poetry in an audio medium.  I simply LOVE that we can hear our poets bringing their poetry alive!

I have also created a brand new soundcloud account for justruminating.  Here I will be posting all the Poet Speaks Poets, as well as meditation audio, chillout ambient audio and who knows what else.  Check it out HERE.

If you would like your readings to be included, simply visit the new Poets Speak Page, and fill in the submission form.  And, without further ado, I present the poet who inspired this idea

Christine Ray!  Aka braveandrecklessblog

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