Wisdom Tainted

This somehow felt almost to big for me to hold as a reader.  Amazing writing from Olde Punk about, well, everything!  Life, death, love, loss.  You know, human existence.

RamJet Poetry


Thus it holds true; a steady course

nautilus man-made percussion of actions

manipulate dense framework as starving bird stares

through the window

educational tour of the laughing matter

Would like to return home

wherever it may be, the road

is long and hard so whisper to me

feel the sorrow

I wish I knew how to grieve

without a need to borrow

we decay anyway

the soulful approaches whimper in fear to the drums

what is loved most?

what is hated least?

sensing a sensational sensation, I ask

am I making any sense?

We watch the children prey

with handgun heartbeats

even the devil dwells

with remorse

hidden door to open answer

analyze reason as changing color schemes

to shades of gray and steel

not a continuation

I know the when but not the why

incision collision peace of mind

star search for less

someone else to blow

hide me…

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