Knife’s Edge


Some days

I teeter on the edge of the knife blade

That divides my inner universe

Into polarities


Madness on one side

Sanity on the other

My darkness

Versus my light



Versus blissful ignorance

Seeing the atoms and hearing into the silence

Versus living in the mundane world


Technicolor exploding passions

Feeling every emotion known to mankind

Times 10

Versus quiet peace


I am never sure which side of the blade

Feels like the real abyss


To have to choose one over the other

Feels like letting go of some essential piece

Of what makes me



I do not want to choose

But I am not sure

How long I can continue

To maintain my footing here


If I lose my balance

Slip and fall onto this wicked edge

Will I be cleaved in two

Split, fractured

Or will I emerge below the blade

In some new shape?

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