Hopeless Paints

Biting, visceral writing from Niharika Tanwar

Tanwar's Volume


How these glamorous colours are spilled,

Manifesting my wild desires, inky fears,

And promising betrayals,

Every night I choose a new paint,

I place dead flowers on my grave,

I’m stunned to see,

How your old texts still fucks my head with the same old exertion,

And leave my eyes bleed,

in dead nights,

Yesterday, I chose a promising red,

To experience, how you relished my virginity,

And I end up at carving your deception,

Over my bare breast,

Which were groped by your dirty impressions?

in back of wreak buildings, in filthy public bathrooms,

I thought you were a man, thou,

I end up at feeding a faithless beast,


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