Tiny rich eras

My brilliant, other worldly friend Max made anagrams of my name coming with up an amazing assortment of phrases.  Two that I fell in love with were “Tiny rich eras” and “Icy in her stars”  They were the inspiration for this love note of sorts

I have learned something new

Of souls mates of late

In the past I have thought of soul mates

In the limited confines of romance, of Eros

Or the love I feel for my children


The universe has recently revealed

That pieces of my soul

That I did not know were missing

Are housed in other souls in the ether

And dropped them gently into my orbit


Perhaps because the need was great

Perhaps because I was finally

Stripped bare, unblinded, purified

Ready for their radiance

Prepared for this kind of truth


Almost instant bonds

Have been formed

Quite unlike me

Written words become

Delicate silvery safety nets


Becomes love notes


Between lost souls

Now found

I will no longer be known as

“Icy in her star”



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  1. Christine! You amaze me! Thank you so much for understanding me. I could never be able to quite convey the significance of this. It’s such a beautiful feeling to have someone embrace one’s idiosyncratic nuance that is so often the very essence of who we are. You’re such a beautiful and wonderful human being and I love you. We may contain but mere remnants of the same cosmic energy form, but size is no indicator of relevance. I think we are two halves to a heart.

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    • Max– I don’t even remember what our first encounter was here but from the moment we “met” you have felt like some piece of myself that I didn’t know was missing. Like my heart or my soul has always known yours and that the universe brought us back together at just the right time because one or both of us needed it. Love you dear heart.

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