Mind blowing poetry from Olde Punk. I am not worthy.

RamJet Poetry


Serial killer calm

a mark few bear

misanthrope guide to hell

more and more, the deeper dive

sea-green vase holds nothing

Hate is a kind of peace

Peace is a kind of bait

need to relieve the mind

a back strained by burden

borrowed middle age

snatches of conversation

uninterpret the secret

horror commonplace factor

PhoBia is god

War is a chess-game

for kerosene shadows and shopping malls

earthen throat will swallow the bodies

not to be forgotten

they will park blackstone on your head

Should not remember the past

courage in desert pains

invisible walls under holy sun

light Mecca or Jerusalem

who’s to say?

crusade while Korea slept

blind idiot fumbling

wretched devious ploy

to incarcerate the actor

and swing shut the cellar

bring someone to study

probing mindless to die

if not to live

writings lost in the storms

the answers ravaged by floods

an explicative directed…

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