Oasis #RomanticTuesday

let our bed be an oasis

a sanctuary of soft pillows

and silk

warm jasmine scented air

in the desert of this modern life

let my skin touching your skin

be a balm for your weary spirit

my body a refuge for you

from all that is cold and alien

and other

let my mouth, my kiss

be an endless supply

of sweet refreshing nectar

when you are parched

from thirst

let us make and remake

home for each other in

this sacred place outside

of time and space

we are our own planet here

somewhere north of venus

west of mars

let this remain a place

where there is only you

and only me

our mingled breath

our heartbeats in rhythm

as we lay together

in a tangle of molten limbs




Categories: Erotica, Poetry

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    • Fran! So nice to see you here. So glad you enjoyed it. It was inspired by a conversation I got into another blog about what sex is at its best for us and for me that is a refuge where there is mutual trust and a quieting of my always too-busy brain.

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  1. Wonderful, Christine. I think you’ve found a groove. I really enjoyed… “let us make and remake
    home for each other in this sacred place outside of time and space”… SO. EXACTLY. IT!

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    • Mark– I was wondering what you would think. As you might have imagined, this was at least partially inspired by our discussion with Georgia yesterday. I was trying to capture what physical and emotional intimacy is at its best, at its deepest.

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      • I think that this is one of those things that we would like to be organic, instinctive, chemistry when it is instead something that is nurtured, created together but there has to be an awareness of it as a goal and it has to be a shared goal. There are people in my life that I have trusted almost instantly and instinctively but this kind of space is still something that takes vulnerability and trust and effort to create. My friend Fran up above is a minister and I feel like she would agree with me that there is something sacred to creating this kind of space, a touch of the divine. Please don’t get me wrong– I am NOT religious but I am spiritual.

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      • I think my background in the church and subsequent departure has left me well rounded in that I wholeheartedly agree. I cannot agree with everything from the pulpit but the sacredness and peace found in this type of relationship is golden and so much more meaningful. I was fortunate to finally find this aspect of a relationship and actually “get this.” Our relationship was this, but life was not cooperating. My former marriage however was “compatible” but there was no relationship. It’s odd where you can find this, but generally I agree, in a truly loving relationship, your intimacy can and should be nurtured and developed over time and experiences, trust, vulnerability. This too however is elusive.

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