blu-tac-lois e. linkens

Gorgeousness from Lois Linkens whose writing just keeps getting better and better

A Global Divergent Literary Collective

i will wipe your lipstick from the glass,

scrub the rings

off the coffee table,

and throw out the toothbrush and its plastic mug,

that sat

balanced on the sink

like a rock

on a cliffside

as if it paid rent.

you always knocked it off,

with your baggy sleeves –

you’d wet your hair

when you rinsed your mouth.

it was cold when you kissed me.

i will take your photo out of its frame,

and move your letters from the drawer.

i want to leave your diary by the bed –

if you visit, you could leave me a note,

if you wanted.

every day i have checked –

but the pages still are empty.

i will throw it out.


i will leave

the little knob of sticky tack

stuck above your desk

by the picture of bowie,

your fingerprint engraved

in the soft dip

pressed on…

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