Battle Cry

some days i worry

whether my humble friendship

my love for you

my faith in you

is strong enough

fierce enough

to bathe you in light

to nourish and sustain you

when the days are bleak

and the nights are deep and dark

and your demons

crawl out of hell

calling your name


i can hear them

dancing a frenetic reel

in your head

their stiletto heels on

i feel you starting to slip away

i despair that you will succumb

to their siren call

of blissful oblivion

that they will ask you

to dance with their dripping

claws extended

and that you will throw yourself willingly

into their poisonous embrace

that promises swift release

these are the lies that they offer you


there are times

when I fear that I might be the

only barrier left between

you and the void

i am so damaged myself

a fragile, unpredictable being

a woman hounded by wolves

who has offered up her own throat

and chosen to run with them in the snowy night

on more than one occasion


but there is tensile strength

in the fragile heart

i am built of thin steel

and crystal tears

and fields of lavender

i am ribboned with the scars

of a thousand whips

and i still stand

my veins sing with

the song of my ancestors

the warrior women

who painted themselves in menstual blood

girded their loins with shells and stones

before donning their shields and swords

for battle

they tell me that I might not be enough

but that I am brave and true

and that this a battle that i cannot

that i should not

walk away from

so i fight



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