White Rabbit

woke this morning

not quite myself

muffled somehow

as if I took a solemn

vow of silence

in my dreams that

I no longer remember

unsure who i made this

unholy deal with

the sea witch is no where

to be found


my reflection is blurry

not sure which side

of the looking glass

i am trapped on today

one mirror version of me

is going through the motions

engaged in mundane tasks

while on the other side of

the glass my other self

watches on puzzled

seeing only futility

in this busyness


time is slipping away

the white rabbit hurries past

pocket watch in hand

anxiously reminding both my

shadowed selves

that there is little time left

to merge myself

back together

the clock is ticking

scarce minutes remain

to renegotiate the terms

of my bartered voice


late, so late

for this mad tea party

with reality


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