Echo Chambers

voices from my past

spoke yesterday

your voice

the loudest

out of no where

to call me out

full of anger

full of bitterness


should I engage?

we exist on opposite

ends of a very long continuum

so clear that we will

not change each


more disturbing is

that there is clearly no

changing of your heart

which seems

singularly lacking in


on this issue


i am reminded

that my first responsibility

is to be my child’s

staunchest advocate

at best i worry

that you teach your sons

to pity mine

(although I doubt you would

show him the respect

of calling him my son)

at worst i fear

that you teach your sons

that it is acceptable

to queer bash mine


i say my gentle peace

apologize to others

dragged into the fray

and respectfully

disengage from this

pointless debate

i am sorry that you

are still hurt

but you have reminded me

quite clearly

why I unfriended you

in the first place

lesson learned


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