pain in chest

tears rolling

down cheeks

before I even

realize I am crying

want to curl up

under the desk in a

tight ball

cover my head

watch out for falling




snow ball

rolling down

a mountain

picking up speed

growing bigger

and bigger

by the moment

rocky ravine ahead

looks like I’m going to




nerves jangling


trying to calm my


go to a quieter

safer place in my head

grateful to be alone

scared to be alone

don’t know how

not to be alone

hate feeling alone



fractured  images

in a mirror

distorted perceptions

no longer know

what I look like

can’t bear to see the

reflection in the

camera lens

can’t tolerate the

objective proof

that I have come undone

17 thoughts on “Triggered

      1. Maybe I drew on my own emotions….. Reminded me of memories which had been stitched up and believed to have healed, and those moments you realise that the stitches can still come apart, and inspite of all the convincing, the wound is still much more than just a scar…

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