Spoken Word: Clint Smith/Why we shouldn’t forget that U.S. presidents owned slaves

PBS’s Brief But Spectacular series is just that:  amazing portraits of interesting and diverse American voices presented in less than five minutes. They invited poet, educator and Harvard doctoral student Clint Smith to record a piece for Black History Month.  His response to this invitation is awe-inspiring, thought-provoking, raw and rings with truth. If you watch nothing else today, watch this.




  1. I think I got this right… “…When you sing that this country was founded on freedom, don’t forget that you left the shackles dragging against the ground my entire life…”


  2. wow that was amazing and so completely true. When I was little we learned about the native Americans in this completely fake way. We didn’t come to this country and give them a meal and celebrate the occasion – we slaughtered them. Totally feel this- what a great post.


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