Ivory Brushed with Starlight

My latest piece for Sudden Denouement: Ivory Brushed with Starlight

A Global Divergent Literary Collective

are you angel or demon

man with ivory wings

brushed with starlight

and indigo eyes?

you are still and silent

but your ancient eyes say

that you have seen the color

of my soul

have studied it contours


your nostrils flair slightly

scenting my blood in the air

you see the crisscrosses

carved deep on my palms

at your knowing look

the knife in my hand drops

from suddenly nerveless fingers

blood wells from the cuts

dripping to the ground

consecrating the earth

you gently capture my wrists

cup my hands in yours

as golden tears drop from your

otherworldly eyes

fall onto my damaged skin

transfixed I watch your sorrow

heal my wounds


you release my hands

to cup my face reverently

your kiss is honey and cardamom

i am filled with your light

and as your soul expands

to fill all my damaged places

i see…

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6 thoughts on “Ivory Brushed with Starlight

  1. The brilliant title caught my eye first, and then I was thoroughly struck by the composition of this piece. In particular, the line “you have seen the color of my soul, have studied it contours” took my breath away. Thank you for sharing this!

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