Secrets she had been keeping

Mostly from herself

Weighed her down

Crushed her

Like boulders hung from a yoke across her shoulders

Like chains designed for a basilisk

Shackled her ankles and wrists


She gathered her courage

Found her will, found her strength

And started to shed these heavy secrets

One by one

Like iridescent dragon scales

They littered the ground around her

Like a mosaic tile floor


She could not shed the heart ache

The deep shame

The loneliness and isolation

Quite so easily

But it was so much easier to breathe



    1. As hard as it felt, it was freeing to get rid of the secrets even if it didn’t fix eveything. I definately feel less weighed down and maybe like someone else can help carry some of the weight. I tend to act like I am wonder woman all the time. Not very healthy.

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      1. So my advice is: let that shit go! Even if it is just confiding in a friend. The burden of carrying it is heavier than the burden of what others will think, at least if we have someone wise and trustworthy in our lives

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    1. Kind of you Ms. Aquarious. 😉 Christine’s honesty and openness makes it so much easier to express myself and discuss these hard things. Growth, awareness, honesty, mindfulness… goes a long way in these battles!

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