Two Seconds

The phenomenal Olde Punk naming the pain: “looking down from/the edge of earth/there is a hole/in my chest/my essence is pouring out/nuances of memories and/the skeletons of dreams/no one seems to notice/there’s a hole/in my chest/and you can see straight through me”

A Global Divergent Literary Collective

by Oldepunk



looking down from

the edge of earth

there is a hole

in my chest

my essence is pouring out

nuances of memories and

the skeletons of dreams

no one seems to notice

there’s a hole

in my chest

and you can see straight through me

put down in configuration

of paper mache´ and Indian dye

clutter surrounds the opening

I cannot seem to return

pieces to their origin

a grin, a sin, thought of a friend

who is falling through

the hole in my chest

entertaining landscape ebullient

tamp down edges

seal in bronze and copper

vast is all that comes to mind

2 seconds last eternity

I hear the thunder of Zeus

casting vengeance into the nether

dropped to my knees

I know not what to do

there is so much time

there is no time

the parade of echoes

rushing down my

stomach and thighs


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