The Daily Song: J.J. Shiplett Waters

My latest Spotify discovery is J.J. Shiplett and his incredible song Waters.   I could not find the lyrics anywhere on line.  I cannot guarantee that my transcription of the lyrics is 100% accurate but just wow.



Into your stream

Will you let time befall me

Out of this warm seas body

That uses curtains for a door


Into your calm

It storms out like a cannonball

Where you leave me I will lie

Of until the morning comes

So would you take me to your waters tonight?


There’s a man

Who’ll sell you all you need to know

And if you want more

Than you need

Well, the more you will receive


And in your cay

Where there’s room enough for me

Nestled within your arms for weeks

On the promise of new days

Would you take me to your waters tonight?


For the rush of a thousand men who knock

At your door

Every single one has more than I

But together we’re made whole


Oh let me feel your body

Let me touch your soul

Let me feel the sweetest taste of warmth

That’s coming from your core


So when I die

Don’t you bury me in the ground

Don’t you leave my body

To demons that seem to roam around


And to your water we’ll rock

We’ll finally rest

In your river I’ll lay deep

Oh until you come again


So would you take me to your waters

Take me to your waters

Takes me to your waters


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