Now for something completely different. . .

I have been inspired my friend Rob at Just Ruminating to be a little less heavy and intense tonight and share ten random facts about me that you might not know.  Please feel free to share random facts about yourself in the replies.  I would love to know more about you.

  1. I am dyslexic. I particularly have a hard time with vowels next to each other and telling my left from my right. Spellcheck is my best friend. Being a dyslexic writer has its own unique challenges.
  2. I am a serious science nerd. I had planned on applying to med school but discovered that I HATE 3 hour lab courses. I am still fascinated with science; particularly genetics, neuroscience and fractals.
  3. I have left clothes behind so I could fit more books in the car during moves. I have read the Harry Potter series so many times I cannot count them. I discover something new every time. I also am an ardent Jane Austen fan and think that she was a serious badass.
  4. I could eat Indian or Mexican food almost every day. I rarely go out for Italian because it is almost never as good as my grandmother’s cooking. The smell of onions and garlic cooking reminds me of my childhood. I have a SERIOUS chocolate addiction and prefer dark chocolate.
  5. I am an textile artist and bead weaver. I don’t have much time for my art right now but I have participated in juried art shows and have sold many of my art quilts and jewelry. I love color and am very visual.  I am, however, a terrible photographer of my art work.
  6. When I was 16. I dumped my boyfriend for his sister. It took him a REALLY long time to figure out what had happened. His sister and I were together for three years.
  7. My favorite place in the whole world is Cape Cod. I am most at peace near the ocean.
  8. My aunt and uncle used to own an advertising agency and I was in several commercials including a national one when I was a child. My parents pulled me out when I started to become a little diva at age 4.
  9. I have been a vegetarian for almost six years.
  10. My favorite social work job was as a play therapist. I worked with 2 and a half year old through 13 year old kids who had been neglected, physically or sexually abused, had experienced other trauma and/or were in foster care until I had to leave because of health reasons. You can win over an adult who doesn’t like you but kids are incredibly intuitive and don’t change their minds once they have decided that you are trustworthy or not trustworthy.

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