Eyes of Smoke and Flame

She has a look

In her eyes of

Smoke and flame

That pins you

To the spot



And categorizes you




Or beneath her notice



Your very core

Sees all your secrets

The ones deep down

You keep from yourself


She is a steel trap

Never forgetting

The truth that she finds

In your ransacked



Her assessment

Burning into you

Making you squirm

Longing for sunglasses

A tinfoil helmet


She has a look

That has seen


You can only



She has a look

That makes you

Want to run away

From her knowing gaze

And from



11 thoughts on “Eyes of Smoke and Flame

    1. I love the description “raw and smoldering.” I stumbled on some writing prompts this morning while doing research for a completely different project that just unleashed some fierceness this morning that I didn’t know was lurking below the surface. I went with it. But thank you for checking in.

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