Your Valentine’s Day Gift to Me

Much to my surprise,  I discovered that I had hit exactly 400 WordPress followers on Valentine’s Day.  I am more grateful than I can say that so many people from across the globe have chosen to read my writing.  Most of my writing comes from a very deep and personal place and I am honored that you have joined me on this journey.

I am deeply touched that so many of you take the time not only to read my words but to leave thoughtful comments.  There is nothing more affirming to a writer than to learn that our words have resonated for someone else.  If I have neglected to reply to any of your comments, I am deeply sorry.  I truly value them and am grateful every day for the relationships I have developed on WordPress.

I also try to get out there and check out the blogs of everyone who has so kindly chosen to follow me.  As my readership has grown, this has been harder for me to keep up with, but please know that I am trying to catch up and visit all your blogs.

Another important piece of my WordPress life is the honor of serving as a writer and managing editor for both the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective and its sister site Secret First Draft, sites dedicated to excellence in divergent writing which celebrate the stellar work of the members of Sudden Denouement Literary Collective.  Secret First Draft also has the mission of highlighting other fierce writers on WordPress that we think are too good to miss.  I am also a writer for SD sister site Whisper and The Roar, a forum  for feminist writers.  If you are not currently following these three sites, I highly recommend that you visit them and experience the riches they contain.  In my humble opinion, it is truly the best of the best of divergent literature on WordPress.

Thank you all for your support, warmth and generosity.


Brave and Reckless



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