Eye of the Storm (Revisited)

He soon realized

That loving her was

Like loving a hurricane

Or a tornado

She was a force of nature



Given to abruptly

Changing trajectory

She could be fierce

Full of fury

That dissipated quickly

Or sometimes obliterated

All obstacles in her path



Her jasmine-scented

Summer breeze

Blew gently

Ruffling his hair

Catching his attention

Soothing him

Drawing him in

Other times

He would get caught

In the maelstrom

Of her intensity




At times

He would

Land in the calm

At the eye of

Her storm

The quiet center

Where her heart lived

Where she was



Fluid embrace

Precious moments

Before her storm

Raged on


7 thoughts on “Eye of the Storm (Revisited)

    1. Hi Soniya– looks like you are new to WordPress. Welcome aboard. There is a fabulous community here of poets. My best advice for newcomers is to find other poets who you enjoy reading, follow them and comment on their work. It is good etiquette to reply to all comments on your work even if it is just to say thank you. Most relationships on WordPress are formed in the replies. Make writing a daily habit and post frequently– it makes it easier for readers to find you. Subscribing and responding to the Daily Post is a great way to find other writers you admire, find new readers and push yourself creatively. I am following and will continue to watch you evolve.

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