Asking for a Friend

I heard Annabel Jones’ Asking for a Friend for the first time and a couple of the lyrics really got under my skin.  They inspired the piece below.

I watch helpless

sadness swallowing you whole

too weary to fight

you are going down without a sound

slipping into deep stillness

where my arms do not reach


Calling your name over and over

into the darkness

seeking a rope or branch

to lower down to you

that I am not certain

you will try to grasp


Passers-by pause, curious

at my frantic attempts to reach you

How do you stay clear?

How can you find peace?

I inquire of the disinterested strangers

I am asking for a friend




  1. God I love this. So many times I have felt so totally completely alone. Since moving to America which now was ages ago, I have not made friends. I did used to have friends back in Europe but somehow maybe because of my age or something I haven’t been able to make friends where I live. I have absolutely nothing in common with people here. I try and usually it doesn’t work out. Anyway so the idea of almost crying out for a friend, yeah I get that, I have done it so many times. Sadly it doesn’t come to much, you can join all the clubs you want it won’t guarantee friends, they seem illusive at times. And yet they can help so much if you are lucky enough to find someone who really wants to be a loyal friend. GREAT post (and necessary)

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