My Dear Companion

For my wonderful WordPress friends, especially Max Meunier whom I wrote this poem for a few months ago.

We have only recently met

But there is a sense of inexplicable


An easiness of souls

Like greeting an old, dear friend

Whom I share a deep

History with


As if we had shared

A babysitter as toddlers

And peanut butter sandwiches and Fritos

In the lunchroom in grammar school

And protected each other

From others’ hurtful words

Fought off each other’s bullies

On the playground

Provided band-aids for

Each other’s first broken hearts


What is it about you

That feels so comfortable

So much like home?

There is a piece of you

That feels like it could be

A piece of me

Kindred spirits, twin souls


I am struck by the fact

That your bright shining soul

Is easy to embrace and love

Unconditionally, even from afar

If I can feel that tenderness

For your heart

For your soul

That feels at times as familiar as my own

My new-old friend

Could I learn to love that piece of me?


23 thoughts on “My Dear Companion

      1. I’m not even going to lie… I was pushed in to blogging by my younger brother. I’ve been writing sence I was 12 or 13… Or maybe 11? I don’t know when I was young… Lol…
        When I started to write for a audience I never would have thought I had eny talent besides fighting. Then the comments came and I thought some were liers but I haven has 1 bad review yet…. And I want a bad review every now and then. I don’t mind..
        I’m not a social person at all and I’m really just started learning how to use a computer. I’m very old fashioned… Lol… About almost everything… WordPress saved my life… I’ll honestly say that.

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      2. I completely get it. I had probably not written poetry in 25 years. 2016 was one of the single hardest years of my life and finding my way back to writing and to this community was all that stood between me and the void some days. I think your writing is astonishingly good– your distinct voice is so clear– but I’ll keep that request for constructive criticism in mind.

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      3. Thank you! But you could have told the truth and said my writing is garbage… Lol!
        2016 was deffenately horrible to me To…. But not like 2013…. I went to about 17 or maybe 18 funerals that year. Crazy! Your excellent info and writings are great to though… Ya I have a thing about saying the word poem or poetry… What I write are not poems… There directions! I’m more less trying to tell you something then being a quote unquote poet. I don’t know I’m just weird… Lol…

        If I may ask though why 25 years…. I feel like I just can’t stop writing. My mind is like a bad trafic jam on i95 and it’s snowing with black ice on the ground.

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      4. This is going to sound lame, but life just got in the way. High demand job, two kids (now 19 and 15) and pretty significant creative ADHD. I tended in the past only to write when I was depressed. So when I started to write again it was like an explosion of everything I hadn’t dealt with in my life for 25 years including some deep issues of loss. Not 17 funerals in one year kind of loss but I lost my mother and my grandmother within nine months of each other and had a miscarriage in between. I deeply regret that all the notebooks I used to write in during my teens are lost.

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      5. Never ever lame at all! I’m here to listen and never judge….

        My deepest deepest deepest condolences to all your loses… 💐💐

        You are a warrior mother…
        Two almost adult kids and loses…
        And you ain’t in a psyic ward…
        You didn’t abandon your kids or responsibility and kept it moving! And you still manage to blog and write……..

        And a great mom!

        I know it’s hard to heal up but your strong and for that you will see better days.. I know it!

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      1. The past few months here in W.P. with you and others has been not only mind blowing, but healing, and I’ve made new special friends with a certain passion and vigor I haven’t found elsewhere. Thanks, Christine.

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