This piece was was originally published by the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective.

It had been many years

Since the wolves

Had come and

Circled the house

Howling at her door

Their voices insistent

Their teeth sharp

Their musk pungent

Their coats winter thick and matted


She was not surprised

At their return

It was, after all,

The Full Wolf Moon

She shivered in the house

Wrapping herself

In a worn blanket

Trying to block out

The mournful, insistent sound

Her heart beating fast


She never knew if they were

Demanding retribution

Come to tear out her throat

Or inviting her to shrug off the last

Vestiges of her humanity

And run wild with the pack

Naked through the snowy night


    • I apologize if we have had a misunderstanding. I appreciate that you take the time to read and respond but sometimes your interpretations are a little off the mark in terms of context and inspiration. On the other hand poetry is very subjective and I assume that all readers experience the words in their own way.


  1. It’s okay. Most of my interpretations are only there to share how it mirrors the life I live right now. Besides, this made me realize that I won’t be able to see through a poem just by looking at it as an individual work. It comprise a chain of thoughts reflected by past poems like this one.


    • I have written many poems in the last year about depression, PTSD and health struggles. They do interrelate and share imagery. Sometimes the inspiration is transparent, sometimes more opaque. I do imagine they weave a larger tapestry of what I have been processing and living with.

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