Vulnerability (revisited)

It is a stretch

For me to

Reach out across

This shifting distance

This shaky ground

Hand extended

Toward you


It is a journey

Across a deep chasm

For me to say

Out loud

Even in a whisper

I need

I want


I do not like

To need

To want

To admit any


Any Achilles heel


My rigid armor

My titanium shell






To remain

In this self-imposed exile

Leaves me

At the bottom of

A well of loneliness

That no rope of any length

Can reach


My breathing

Is loud here

It echoes

The darkness is

A presence with

Texture here


But to emerge

Holding my bleeding heart

My naked soul exposed

Its edges fluttering

In this icy wind

Is a risk

That shakes me to the core


This is the rock

And the hard place


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