Center Stage Revisited

She realized that she

Would never win the award

For best supporting actress

Or performer in a guest role

She was assistant director

Sound technician

Vital to keeping the action moving

Letting the real talent shine


She was the unread

Name in the film’s credits

That rolled past after

The audience had left

A name on an unread page

Of a performance program


She had chosen this life

Perhaps unconsciously

But willingly

As a young girl-child

This anonymity

Vital for her survival

Depending on her ability

To disappear into the wall paper

Like a chameleon


As she aged it was easy

Comforting even

To stay out of attention’s

Unflinching center

She became

Minister’s girlfriend

Center administrator

Mother of two

Always called upon to

Make others shine

Support their important work

Facilitate their dreams


To write now

To let others

Read her words

Claim her voice

Seemed the most selfish

Most revolutionary act

She had ever engaged in

To bravely shout

Not just whisper

I am here

I feel

I burn

I matter

Was to enter uncharted territory

Which might require


That she rethink the plotline

Rewrite the script of her life

And finally cast herself

In the leading role

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