Sugar on My Tongue

Sappho wrote that words

We leave unspoken

Will be wept

If this is true

Soliloquies must rest like

Sugar undissolved on my tongue


I am grateful for the increasing days

The sun comes out

But melancholy is still

An aquamarine tide

That can wash over me


Flooding my banks

Piercing my sea walls

Reminding me

Of how deeply human I am

And of the delicacy

The fragility

Of this woman’s heart


12 thoughts on “Sugar on My Tongue

      1. I know the feeling. We both share a lot in common with depression and how we are feeling.

        It’s difficult sometimes to come out of it. I suffer from PTSD. I was a victim of bullying. Every once in a great while I’ll get flash backs or I fall into a depression. 😦

        Writing is therapeutic and a medicine.

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