So this person plagiarised me through her entire blog, so many times

My Sudden Denouement sister Nicole Lyons discovered today that another WordPress  blogger “borrowed” her work without bothering to mention that it is Nicole’s work. In fact, in a particularly ironic turn, s/he re-titled one of Nicole’s pieces “My Words.”  I love the WordPress community and have been overwhelmed by the love and support I have been offered here.  We all pour our hearts and our souls and our tears and blood into our writing and I am sure you can understand how distressing this is. There is NO place for this here.

The blogger’s name is gurlishhx and ironically, the blog name is “My Words”

Source: So this person plagiarised me through her entire blog, so many times

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  1. Horrible. There are always those who ruin things for others. I hope you can do something about that. One woman saw her painting on someone else’s blog and the woman actually said that she had painted it. Shocking. I’m so sorry this happened. It makes all of us feel bad and not want to continue putting our work out there. I’ve also had people take my things and not give me credit. I thanked them on their blogs as well, some disappeared but others just took my writing and that was that. The thing is…we certainly can’t see what everyone is doing and we have no idea how many of our things are stolen. So sad. For the most part, people are wonderful, but there are always a few that are not.

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  2. Thank you so much for your support and for always having my back. I’m sitting down tonight to report every last piece s/he has taken and we’ll go from there. Much love to you all. I am grateful for my tribe ❤

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