Teflon (revisited)

Can a heart

be made of Teflon?

Or is it perhaps a

perforated colander

Like the one that I use to wash

my vegetables

Rinsing rich, dark loom


In a swirl

down the kitchen drain?


I am handed





Positive feedback


It always feels good

For a moment



My self-esteem begins to stir

Hope stretches

Its stiff, unused fingers

To the light

I start to feel thisclose

To renewed belief in my worth

My value

My right to exist


But I never stay full

As if all the gifts

The world throws at me

Slide down

the non-stick surface

leaving no trace

Or drain through a

Hundred cold metal holes

Onto the parched ground

Below my feet

Absorbing on contact

Leaving me with a lovely

Ghost of a memory

And my achingly empty

Lonely heart


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