18 thoughts on “Roads of Broken Glass

  1. My days are divided into ‘how do I get through today’ and ‘how do I get though tonight’, this post reminds me how bad the nights can be. To the point and well written. But then in becoming bias as I’m really starting appreciate your writing style. Take care D.

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      1. I also feel that it is important to tell its truth, its texture, its depth– it is such a visceral experience. “I am blue” doesn’t begin to capture what it is like to live with this, does it? Some days it as if we are constantly bleeding, our guts spilling out, held in our hands. Sorry– got carried away there.

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      2. Sometimes there are just are not the words to describe the experience. I often feel restricted my terms of the language. Sometimes there’s to many words to choose from and sometimes not enough. Visceral, is a very good word though, I may have to ‘borrow’ that!

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