Backside of the Night

Haunted hours

When my ghosts

Emerge from

The ether


In slow rotation

Through my memory


Only they can hear

Skeletal orchestra


Backside of the night

When my demons

Come out to play

Leap frog through

My dreams

Like rowdy children

With fangs

With talons

Red rover

Red rover

Shall we play

Hide and seek?


  1. Nice addition! So unbeknownst to myself… while doing a word search on my laptop for backside of night… I discovered that I “coined” this phrase in my own imagination about 10 years ago (maybe I have that timeframe wrong, but much more than two months) and found 4 different versions of the same poem referencing a more darker version of the backside of night… not necessarily like a surreal nightmare like this, but certainly a darker tone. This discovery was one of the reasons I was needing to spend time with my writing this morning…

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