Beautiful Sin 

Meet chaos-xd. So glad she visited my blog today.

A Glimpse of Darkness

When the howling winds

Whisper tales of sorrow,

And the deafening silence

Is all you follow.

When the nights are cold,

dark and long.

And the demons chant

The forbidden song.

When the stars hide behind

The clouds so high,

And the reluctant moon,

Behind the blackening sky.

When the eye can see

The Screaming horror.

Through the black veiled night

Seeps frantic terror.

When the sun won’t shine,

It’s core so frozen.

Invite the scornful

Darkest horizon.

When twilight sleepily

Lowers the curtains.

Let the sacred darkness,

Ease your burdens.

When all hope is lost,

Never to be found again.

And your heartbeat no longer

calls my name.

When the final chime

of the bell tolls true.

And you know the demons

Are coming for you.

When your life of sin

Reveals the devil within.

Know that in darkness,

Lays a beautiful sin


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