Chasing Sand Castles

Writing prompt: Grab the closest book (Station Eleven.) Go to page 29. Write down 10 words (impossibly distant, collisions in the dark, studying the language, sea blurred) that catch your eye.  Write a poem

You feel

Impossibly distant


Like the receding tide

Like chasing

Sand castles

Before they are reclaimed

By rushing waters


Our connection

Has become

Reduced to

Collisions in the dark

That throw us

Off balance


And hearts

Left aching


I have been

Studying the language

Of oceans

Gazing out

At the horizon

Until the

Sea blurred

Before my eyes


I try to read

The omens

Throw the bones

In the crashing


Play of light

Rippling on the water

The surf whispers

Over and over

To me that

You are gone

The current has

Carried you

Far beyond my reach

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