Embracing Living Brave and Reckless

When I first created my blog in October of 2016, I was really uncertain of what to name it. The name felt very important, very symbolic, and I went back and forth contemplating many different possibilities.  When Brave and Reckless popped into my head, I immediately knew that it was “the one.”  It represented a promise that I  made to myself on my 50th birthday to reclaim my voice and speak my truth no matter how uncomfortable or unsettling it might be for others.  I needed to be authentically and fully myself, embrace my light and my dark, my beauty and my ugly, my compassion and my selfishness without apology.  I reclaimed my writing voice after almost 12 years of silence and over the last few months I have also been reclaiming my body, a place I have not always felt at home. Brave and Reckless has never been just the name of my blog– it is the way I am trying to embrace my life, letting go of my fears, and not letting my past define me.

The picture below is my belated 51st birthday present to myself and I couldn’t think of more appropriate group of people to share it with.  I will be going back in April to get the finishing touches but this is another important step in my journey.


25 thoughts on “Embracing Living Brave and Reckless

  1. Beautiful! I love finding a statement and/or image that you can see to remind yourself how strong you are. I have several tattoos, my first is just the words ’till I collapse and another is a lion… both hold a lot of meaning for me. Plus I love when us ‘older’ folks (I’m a few months away from the big 5-0) get tattoos!! Love it and all it represents for you ❤

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