The Doors

This incredible piece by S.K. Nicholas feels like the voice of my shadow self.

S. K. Nicholas


If you let down your guard and show yourself for what you are, the days as you know them will come to an end. If you stand in your back garden and undress with the rain splashing against your face, then the hour has come for you to show your true hand. When I’m not working, I’m writing, and when I’m not writing, I’m dancing like Ian Curtis in the spare bedroom with the curtains drawn. Downing several energy drinks, I lock myself away and snap my head back and forth while thrashing my arms around for the best part of the afternoon making no attempt to hide my strange ways. It helps me to stay sharp, you see. When you come around, I give you my biographies on Moors Murderer Ian Brady and tell you to make notes on what you find. He was a bad man, yet he knew…

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