Somewhere In an Opera

Beautiful, haunting prose from OldePunk.

RamJet Poetry

walking alone in rain (1)

I bite my tongue

and watch blood trace

patterns of words

I do not Know

I wish I could die or

become something more

engrave your whys into their thoughts

begin to understand you fools

love has, is and always will be

your favorite illusion

so drive me home after the opera

your scorn can follow me to my door

but it is not allowed to come in

there are demons tearing at my eyes

folding visions into pills

forcing me to enjoy the trip

saving my feelings for the day

when your eyes no longer lie

alas, to wait until the earth ceases to cry

outliving dreaming forever the nothings

that rend small scars on all your lives

pain has made my heart a plaything

I live with its choices

striving to be someone worth loving

the causeway across the rift between our souls

is unsteady and drifting


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