A Child Drinks Cool Water

My dear friend S Francis just keeps getting better and better.

To Be Determined

A child, this child now trying to jump to Man
After being told to be quiet for years, too many
Years remaining in his room for trying to speak
When the adults were talking, drunk, but talking.

He assembled words like Legos, building constructs
He could recognize out of plastic bricks snapped
Together into spaceships, cars, boats, and trains:
All the things George Bailey would have loved

If not for the forgotten strings tied around fingers
He didn’t own. Who should be held to account for
Zuzu’s Petals? Who should finally fix the bannister?
Who jumps in the cool water and saves the wingless Angel?

A child, this child with one step leaps forward to Man
A lightweight challenger to the image he became to be
Released from his room, Lego constructs gathering dust
On bookshelves and bureaus filled with scribbled paper.

To leap forward, this child stepped back to…

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